Background to Ufton Court Adventure

Ufton Court Adventure (UCA) has been developed through a partnership between the Ufton Court Educational Trust and the South Reading community. The South Reading groups of the Whitley Excellence Cluster (WEC) and Aspire2 have worked with Ufton to develop a model that will meet the needs of their disadvantaged young people and those in similar need in Newbury and Basingstoke.

Despite the relevant affluence of the region there are several areas of significant need and deprivation, statistics include:


  • Parts of South Reading are within the 5% most needy areas for education, skills and training in England (Indices of Deprivation 2010)
  • Three Whitley wards are within the 5% highest areas in England for crime and disorder with a further 6 being in the 10% most deprived (Indices of Deprivation 20010)
  • In 2010 only 0.7% (2 pupils) from South Reading went onto higher education compared to 55% for Reading as a whole. (Source Connexions 2010)
  • Second and third generation unemployment is developing a dependency culture of low aspiration and hope.


Developing the UCA Model

For the past four years we have run pilot camps on site that have welcomed over 800 young people. Through these camps and through talking and listening to the needs of young people we have developed a model that we believe will significantly improve the life chances of our young people. Crucial to the success and long term impact of UCA are that it will be:

Repeated - those most in need will visit repeatedly during their school years
Local - UCA is within 10 miles of Newbury, Reading and Basingstoke
Affordable - disadvantaged young people will pay a token amount per visit
Professional - skilled and experienced staff

Our Vision

Dynamic residential programmes with children staying in 7 timber cabins in the Ufton woodland.

Challenging outdoor activities that develop a positive approach, confidence and independence.

Opportunities for discussion with experienced mentors and peaceful solitude in the woods fostering reflection and self reliance.

Achievements and new learning taken back into their lives with a lifelong impact achieved through working closely with families and teachers.

Where we are now

Thanks to tremendous support at both a local and national level we have raised the capital funds needed to build the cabins and they are currently being built by Felthams. Our focus is now on raising the funds to provide outstanding staff and activities. We will fully open Ufton Court Adventure in January 2014.

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