Measuring Success

The Ufton Adventure experience will be part of an integrated programme with schools and families and aims to raise young people's aspirations for their futures.

Participating children will visit repeatedly throughout their school years. We will measure how far our work leads to:

  • Increased numbers entering higher education or skills based vocational training
  • Reduced levels of truanting and exclusions
  • Increased levels of confidence and independence

Reading University is carrying out a 3 year longitudinal study into the impact of Ufton Adventure.

The study aims to track the progress of a group of pupils at their  transition into Year 9,  who will be given three opportunities to attend Ufton Adventure until the end of their  formal education.

Using a control group for comparative purposes, the study aims to evaluate both the short and long term benefits by comparing changes in educational attitudes, attainment and aspirations against changes that might have been predicted.

If significant difference is found then it is anticipated that the findings of the study will have important implications for policy and practice, in terms of our understanding about the role of different environments on educational engagement and outcomes.

More significantly, the study will contribute to the important debate as to how best raise educational aspirations and close attainments gaps of societies least advantaged.

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